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Holy Toledo! Queen Elizabeth Bewitched The Senator while Intrigue, New Beginnings, White Lightnin' and Smooth Talk hobnobbed with King's Ransom!

We're not talking about a romance writer's convention or the equine contenders for the next Kentucky Derby. These colorful names represent nine of the 60 varieties of roses found in Holy Cross Hospital's rose garden.Established in 1937, the rose garden bloomed at South Temple and 1100 East until 1973 when, because of hospital expansion, the garden was moved to Sugarhouse Park to be tended by the Utah Rose Society.

In 1990 Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Tanner funded the new rose garden, a circular fountain and a statue of the Madonna in honor of their close friend Sister Ann Josephine, former administrator of Holy Cross Hospital.

The Holy Cross garden is now located at 1045 E. 100 South, and the tranquil setting designed by landscape artist David Racker includes arbors, walkways, seating areas and a section of the antique wrought iron fence from the original garden. Six hundred rose bushes offer up their floral bouquets to patients, staff and visitors.

But there is another service the garden offers - contributions to the Rose Garden's Charity Care mission to fund care for area residents who do not have sufficient financial resources.

The second annual Rose Garden Party recently honored Lydia B. Barkley and Norma W. Matheson, who have been instrumental in promoting community awareness of the charity care mission of Holy Cross Hospital. Barkley and Matheson are co-chairwomen of the Holy Cross Foundation Awareness Committee. Serving as volunteer hostesses the night of the party were: Bernice Anderson, Marilyn Cronin, Georgene Crosby, Kay Fassio, Iris Guss, Fae Lundquist, LaVerl Reece, Bernice Smith, Dorothy Watkiss and Eudora Zarr. Also assisting at the Garden Party were 10 junior volunteers.

Louis A. Harris, chairman of the Holy Cross Hospital Foundation board of trustees, said during the party, "Since the concept of returning the rose garden to heighten community awareness of the need for contributions to assist with Charity Care began, the rose garden has blossomed as a funding source. The roses have raised over $197,211 for charity care. Money may not grow on trees, but it certainly has resulted from the rose bushes at Holy Cross."