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During Operation Desert Storm, America's schoolchildren sent thousands of gifts and letters to U.S. troops.

On Wednesday, June 26, at 8:30 p.m. at the SCERA Shell (outdoor theater), students will again show their appreciation to the military by presenting a musical welcome home.This multimedia presentation called "Standing Up For Freedom" was written and produced by Sam Francis and Cliff Maag with music orchestrated by Emmy Award winner Sam Cardon. The program is directed by Gaye Gibbs. Also, a slide presentation to accompany many of the songs is produced by Gary Francis.

The children have invited National Guard and reserve units representing each branch of the service to receive the tribute.

Original songs, written especially for this program, include "Standing Up for Freedom," "The Calm of Desert Storm," and "Coming Home in Glory."

This production is scheduled in the Provo Freedom Festival brochure as part of the National Clogger Festival, for June 25 and 26. However, the June 25 date is a dress rehearsal for the June 26 program.

Admission is free. A cassette tape containing the vocal and orchestral accompaniment for each of the songs in the program will be sold for $8. The profit will pay for production costs and use of the SCERA Shell facility.