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Hundreds of investors will have an opportunity to buy and sell real estate at the first-ever Intermountain Real Estate Expo Wednesday through Friday, June 26-28, at the University Park Hotel.

Sponsored by Financial Freedom Report magazine, the event will bring buyers and sellers, lending institutions and investment experts together under one roof."It's kind of like one-stop shopping," said Robert Brazell, chief executive officer of American Investors Network, a division of Financial Freedom Report.

Brazell said the Expo is intended to serve two purposes - help sell "tens of millions" of dollars of residential and commercial real estate in Utah and teach first-time, intermediate and advanced investors the latest investment techniques.

About 65 percent of the property to be offered at the Expo is residential property, and the remaining 35 percent is commercial.

The Expo enables investors to see hundreds of properties - many of them not listed on the multiple-listing service - and conduct transactions in three days' time.

"You can do it all in three days. For the part-time investor like myself, you just don't have time to get a deal done," Brazell said.

The Expo is good for sellers as well, because they will "move their properties. Hundreds of people will see it all at once," he said.

Real estate is as strong an investment as ever, but investors of the 1990s must discipline themselves. "You have to buy smart, and you have to be selective," Brazell said.

Salt Lake City is a hot market because much of the available real estate is undervalued, Brazell said. "Salt Lake is a boom market right now. Salt Lake represents two of the great markets in the country to make money because it's undervalued," he said.

That's one reason Financial Freedom Report magazine is conducting an expo in Salt Lake City, its first in 15 years of business. Although the company's headquarters are in Salt Lake City, the area's real estate market was not favorable enough in the 1980s to justify staging an expo.

Brazell said all of that has changed and real estate remains to be one of most sound investments. "The statistics speak for themselves. Real estate is the most effective investment available today," he said, adding that more than 90 percent of all self-made millionaires made their money through investing in real estate.

To register for the Expo, call 1-800-338-9715.