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A two-week re-creation of Utah history will be available to students in grades eight through 12 through a program sponsored by Wasatch Academy. The event will cover the weeks from July 25-Aug. 8.

Participants will study several aspects of Utah history, traveling trails actually used in the era under study. They will use authentic Mormon pioneer handcarts to learn about the rigors of the pioneer movement, then will explore the "Outlaw Trail," a path used by people such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to transport stolen goods.Richard Munson, Brigham Young University graduate and history teacher, will lead the discussions. Local mountain men also will participate, teaching techniques such as trapping, trading, hunting, shelter-building and other survival skills.

Participants will keep journals and produce an essay as a final examination for the class. A semester of history credit will be offered.

Registration has begun and class size is limited. The fee is $975. For information, contact the academy admissions office, 1-800-634-4690.