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The opening of a new convenience store in Farmington sparked a small gas price war, with regular unleaded gasoline dropping down to 99.9 cents.

To mark its grand opening, the Maverik store at U.S. 89 and Shepard Lane slashed its prices Friday.Just north of there, at Cherry Hills and U.S. 89, regular unleaded is still selling for $1.06.9, with premium unleaded at $1.15.9

But two convenience stores in downtown Farmington dropped their prices to match the 99.9-cent special. Unleaded premium is selling for $1.14.9 there, compared to $1.15.9 at the Cherry Hills station and $1.17.9 elsewhere.

"It's a real bargain," one convenience store owner said. "I bought the gas at $1.03 and I'm selling it at 99.9. If the guy across the street hadn't dropped his price, I wouldn't have. But what do you do?"