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The Salt Lake Police Department has declined to make any further comments about a Rose Park arson fire that killed three children last week.

Investigators are treating the incident as a triple homicide, but have refused to speak about the case that has received a lot of public attention."We have taken a position that no further comments will be made by the police department and the fire department," said Salt Lake Police spokesman Lt. Marty Vuyk. "We have great concern over the integrity of the case."

Investigators say widespread speculation and some media accounts have damaged their investigation into the fire that broke out about 3 a.m. June 13 at the home of Samuel and Leslie Ortega, 1045 N. Oakley St. Fire officials believe an accelerant was used to start the deadly blaze in at least two points inside and outside the home.

Detectives have questioned several people about the incident but have repeatedly said they have no suspects in the case. They have adopted a "no comment" policy until the probe is completed.

The 7-year-old girl that survived the fire, June Ortega, was in serious condition Friday at Primary Children's Medical Center, a spokeswoman said. Her brother Christian Ortega, 13, and cousins Creighton Lawrence, 11, and Andrew Lawrence, 9, were killed in the blaze.