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A woman accused by her condominium association of "doing bad things" with her date in a parked car refused Thursday to kiss and make up, rejecting an apology as inadequate.

Helen Garrett, 51, and her attorney, Gloria Allred, said the association failed to state its policy on the "constitutional right to kiss" and compensate Garrett for defamation."The real issue is that a homeowner's association has no right to regulate, punish or threaten to fine anyone for kissing in a car in a common area, as long as that behavior is legal and consensual," Allred said in a statement.

"Ms. Garrett is not interested in simply `kissing and making up' with the board," Allred said. "She wants real changes and real protection for herself and others in the future."

The Town Square Owners Association has five days to meet Garrett's demands or risk a lawsuit, Allred said.

Association attorney Bradley Walker said Thursday he had not received notice that Garrett considered the apology unacceptable.

A May 22 notice given Garrett and posted at the complex accused her of "kissing and doing bad things for over one hour" while parked in the Santa Ana complex's circular driveway.

The association's board of directors on Wednesday offered Garrett its "sincerest apology" for any inconvenience or embarrassment suffered.