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In an effort to redefine the terms "health care facilities" and "dwelling, residential facility for elderly persons (business/non-business)," the Sandy City Council has asked the city attorney's office and the planning department to clarify some points.

Phil Glenn, City Council director, said the redefinition of the terms should be ready for adoption into the city code next week.Officials are trying to align the city's code with the Utah Department of Health's licensing regulations regarding health care facilities.

The request for an overhaul of the definition evolved out of a public hearing held Tuesday night during the city's weekly council meeting.

The changes are necessary because city officials and state officials define the terms differently, leading to some confusion on the part of health care-related businesses that want to establish facilities in Sandy, said City Planner Spencer Sanders.

Some businesses, Sanders said, would comply with Utah's licensing requirements, only to find that Sandy applied different criteria.

The redefinition was prompted by a residential health care business that wanted to open a 15-bed facility in Sandy but couldn't pending the amendment of the city code.