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Reformist newspapers Friday saluted Boris N. Yeltsin's visit to Washington as a triumph for Russia, while conservative papers ignored it.

Rabochaya Tribuna (Workers Tribune) said Yeltsin's election as president of the huge Russian Federation makes him a bigger factor to be considered in U.S. policy toward the Soviet Union.Yeltsin met with President Bush and lawmakers Thursday, just over a week after he was chosen the first popularly elected president in Russia's history.

"Well, Russians, now our Russia has a man, who should as he promised show a new way for the republic," Rabochaya Tribuna said.

"We Congratulate You," read its headline over the official results of the June 12 election. Yeltsin, promising radical economic reform, won 57.3 percent of the vote and defeated five candidates.

Izvestia, the Soviet government newspaper, said in a front-page article that Thursday was "Russia's Day" in the American capital. It said American lawmakers "were actively interested in the approach of the Russian leadership to the issues of economic reform, market economy and private property."

The military daily Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star), the Russian Communist daily Sovietskaya Rossiya and the national Communist Party daily Pravda continued to ignore Yeltsin's visit.