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Citing jurisdictional problems and potential costs to the court, former Salt Lake County Attorney Ted Cannon has withdrawn a federal libel lawsuit over an article titled, "My Boss Ordered Me to Sleep With Him."

Cannon was seeking $5.6 million from Shauna Clark, his former secretary; Sara Nelson, identified as an employee, agent or contributor of Redbook Magazine; Redbook; and the Hearst Corp., the magazine's parent company.Clark accused Cannon of sexual harassment in 1986, a charge that provoked a grand jury investigation. Cannon was forced out of office after he was convicted of five misdemeanor counts. He spent 25 days in jail.

In an article that appeared in the April 1990 Redbook, Clark described her experiences in the county attorney's office.

A year later, Cannon responded with a libel suit. U.S. District Judge Aldon Anderson dismissed the suit this week at Cannon's request.