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When the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs in Moscow's Bolshoi Theater next week, it will see some familiar faces in the audience - namely, three-fifths of Utah's congressional delegation.

Sen. Jake Garn, R-Utah, and Reps. Wayne Owens and Bill Or-ton, D-Utah, will be there. Orton also plans to catch the choir's concert in Warsaw, Poland, according to his press secretary, David Saybolt.Owens and Orton are traveling at government expense, and Garn is not, according to their aides.

Garn and Owens and their wives are traveling on the private jet of Utah industrialist Jon Huntsman. Garn is traveling as Huntsman's guest, said his press secretary, Laurie Snow Turner.

But Owens is traveling on official House Foreign Affairs Committee business, and the committee will reimburse Huntsman for his costs, said Owens' press secretary, Art Kingdom.

Orton is traveling separately to Poland and the Soviet Union also on official House Foreign Affairs Committee business to talk with trade officials but dovetailed plans so he may attend choir concerts in Warsaw and Moscow, Say-bolt said.

Besides attending the choir's performance in Moscow on Monday, aides said Garn and Owens will also participate in the opening of the Huntsman Armenian Concrete Corp.'s new concrete plant in Yerevan in the Soviet republic of Armenia and at other hospital and church dedications there.

A fourth member of Utah's congressional delegation - Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah - also planned to travel to the choir concert in Moscow with Huntsman, said his press secretary, Paul Smith.

However, Hatch is heavily involved in Senate debate on anti-crime legislation and could not go, Smith said.

Aides to Utah's other member of Congress, Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, said he had no plans to travel to Moscow with the others.