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Thai police arrested four rescue workers on suspicion of looting the bodies of victims from the crash of a Lauda Air jet last month, police sources said Friday.

The sources said a police squad from Crime Suppression Division made the arrests Thursday night following complaints from relatives of victims and an order from Deputy Prime Minister Pow Sara-sin.The arrests, however, have not been officially announced.

Television news reports and newpapers showed pictures of local villagers and rescue workers stealing belongings from some of the 223 passengers and crew killed in the May 26 crash.

Police said the four men arrested were among those allegedly seen stripping valuables from the bodies.

One police official said the four suspects were employees of the private charity, the Por Teck Tung Foundation. They were identified as Add Yuthet, 27, Suvit Setachan, 25, Sakchai Khanthong, 28, and Sompong Potisanthia, 26.

The foundation sent the four as part of a team to help recover bodies at the crash site in Dan Chang district, 120 miles northwest of Bangkok.

The arresting officers seized a pistol from Suvit, three wristwatches from Sakchai, and money worth $10,800 from Add, the sources said.