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Deseret News photographers captured three of four first-place photography awards given in this year's Utah-Idaho-Spokane Associated Press Association newspaper competition.

Overall, the Deseret News garnered 17 writing and photography awards in the competition. While that was the largest number of total awards earned by any paper, The Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, Spokane Washington, earned the most first-place awards, with seven. The Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune each earned four first-place awards. The Standard-Examiner, Ogden, earned one first-place award.Deseret News Chief Photographer Tom Smart garnered two first-place awards, one in the spot news category and the other in the sports category. He was the only photographer or writer in the competition to earn more than one first-place award.

Deseret News photographer Ravell Call won first place in the feature photo category, and Deseret News sports writer Doug Robinson won first place for his sports columns.

The awards, presented at the association's convention in Boise, are given in two divisions: Division A for newspapers with 50,000 or more subscribers and Division B for newspapers with fewer than 50,000 subscribers. The Deseret News competed in Division A.

(The Idaho Stateman, a newspaper with a circulation of more than 50,000, was mistakenly judged in the wrong division. To ensure fairness, the newspaper voluntarily withdrew from the contest.)

Here's a complete list of the winners, including entry titles:

Division A

Spot News: 1, Vince Horiuchi, The Salt Lake Tribune, "Massive Freeway Smashup"; 2, Vince Horiuchi and Rodd Wagner, The Salt Lake Tribune, "Rock Concert Fan Death"; 3. Steve Fidel and Marianne Funk, Deseret News, "Bus Crash."

Light Features: 1, Jess Walter, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Marines Honed at Boot Camp"; 2, Rebecca Nappi, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "This New House"; 3, Jerry Johnston, Deseret News, "The Old Home Town."

Serious Features: 1, Janelle Biddinger, Standard-Examiner, "Scarred for Life"; 2, Marilyn Abildskov, Standard-Examiner, "Lois and Christa: When Kids Have Kids"; 3, Cathy Free, The Salt Lake Tribune, "Dancing in the Dark."

Editorials: 1, Diane Cole, The Salt Lake Tribune; 2, John Webster, Spokesman-Review/

Spokane Chronicle; 3, Brian Mertz, Standard-Examiner.

Columns: 1, Doug Clark, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Father Faces Prison for Killing Man Who Molested Son"; 2, Rich Landers, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Can Man Afford to Dispose of Other Species"; 3, Elaine Jarvik, Deseret News, "Recovery: Doctor says Health Trials and Therapy have Humbled Him."

Investigative Reporting: 1, D.F. Oliveria, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Kootenai County"; 2, Bob Bernick Jr., Deseret News, "PACs"; 3, JoAnn Jacobson-Wells and Marianne Funk, Deseret News, "Utah's Health Care System."

Ongoing Coverage: 1, Eric Sorensen, Grayden Jones and Lonnie Rosenwald, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Seeds of Change"; 2, Steve Fidel, Joseph Bauman, Deseret News, "Utah in the Gulf War"; 3, (tie) Jim DeFede, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Courting Disaster," and Ellen Fagg, Deseret News, "Murder in the Family: A Love Story."

Sweepstakes: Best Front Page: 1, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Iraq Hits Israel"; 2, Standard-Examiner, "Fire Rains on Iraq"; 3, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Tentative Pact Heads off Strike."

Lifestyle/Family Pages: 1, John Nelson, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Let the Driver Beware"; 2, Paula Huff, Judy Magid and Pat Capson, The Salt Lake Tribune, "Sticky Business"; 3, Cory Maylett and Robert Noyce, Deseret News, "Helping Hand."

Sports: 1, Lex Hemphill, The Salt Lake Tribune, "Jazz Give Malone, Stockton New Contracts"; 2, Eric Dieterle, Standard-Examiner, "Jazz Win a Weird One from Warriors"; 3, Doug Robinson, Deseret News, "Grant Dedicated His Performance . . . ."

Sports Features: 1, Dan Weaver, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Superstars"; 2, Howie Stalwick, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "100 Years of Baseball"; 3, Brad Rock, Deseret News, "Overachievers."

Sports Columns: 1, Doug Robinson, Deseret News; 2, Lex Hemphill, The Salt Lake Tribune; 3, Dick Rosetta, The Salt Lake Tribune.

Sports Photography: 1, Tom Smart, Deseret News, "Ball State Jubilation"; 2, Rick Egan, The Salt Lake Tribune, "Celebration"; 3, Rick Egan, The Salt Lake Tribune, "Barrelling Home."

Spot News Photography: 1, Tom Smart, Deseret News, "Bike Cop Arrests Suspected Bike Thief"; 2, Gary McKellar, Deseret News, "Wrong Turn"; 3, Colin Mulvany, Spokesman-Review/Spokane Chronicle, "Loss of Friend."

Feature Photography: 1, Ravell Call, Deseret News, "Dancing on Air"; 2, Lynn R. Johnson, The Salt Lake Tribune, "A Big Fan of the Obon Festival"; 3, Gary McKellar, Deseret News, "Wheelchair Rappelling."

Sequence Photography: 1, Rick Egan, The Salt Lake Tribune, "Tramp Camp"; 2, Ravell Call, Deseret News, "Ranch has Cloudy Future"; 3, Steve Griffin, The Salt Lake Tribune, "A Day in the Life of Robin Mainwaring."

Division B

Spot News: 1, Loren Webb and Lynette Olsen, The Daily Spectrum, "Local Man Charged"; 2, Josephine Zimmerman, The Daily Herald, "Midway Fire"; 3, Phil Sahm, The Times-News, "Persian Gulf Soldiers."

Light Features: 1, Kathy Hedberg, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "85 Years"; 2, Kevin Richert, Post Register, "And Now Stupid Pet Tricks"; 3, Jon Jensen, Post Register, "Discovering Idaho: A Centennial Journey."

Serious Features: 1, Rocky Barker, Kevin Richert, Stu Englert and Molly Cecil, Post Register, "Endangered Species. Embroiled Region."

Editorials: 1, Jerry Brady, Post Register; 2, Clark Walworth, The Times-News; 3, Jim Fisher, Lewiston Morning Tribune.

Columns: 1, Bill Hall, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Those Sweet Children and a Girl With Fleas"; 2, Greg Kilmer, Idaho Press Tribune, "Losing a Mittful of Memories Has Advantages"; 3, Jim Fisher, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Want to be Citizen of the Year?"

Investigative Reporting: 1, Robb Hicken, Earl Biderman and Patrick Christian, The Daily Herald, "The Snow-Strand Relationship"; 3, Rocky Barker, Post Register, "Political Footdragging."

Sweepstakes: Best Front Page: 1, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Andrus vs. Fairchild"; 2, Post Register, "Endangered Species"; 3, The Daily Spectrum, "Desert Storm."

Lifestyle/Family Pages: 1, Todd Adams, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Outdoors"; 2, Darlene Huner, Julie Fanselow and Skye Saveson, The Times-News, "Lifestyle Section"; 3, Vickie Holbrook, Idaho Press-Tribune, "Cavalcade Magazine."

Sports: 1, Bert Sahlberg, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Idaho Rips Bengals"; 2, Brian Beesley, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Lewis and Clark"; 3, Mark Eidson, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Cougar Bats in Check."

Sports Features: 1, Bruce Smith, Post Register, "Furor Rising Over New 32-Point Rule"; 2, Dianna Troyer, Idaho State Journal, "Dog Gets Credited With Record Antelope."

Sports Columns: 1, Bert Sahlberg, Lewiston Morning Tribune; 2, Doug Fox, The Daily Spectrum; 3, Brian Beesley, Lewiston Morning Tribune.

Sports Photography: 1, Steve Hanks, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Flying High"; 2, Randy Hayes, Post Register, "Perfect Form."

Spot News Photography: 1, Randy Hayes, Post Register, "In Shock"; 2, Steve Hanks, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Gulf Protesters Egged."

Feature Photography: 1, Jeff Taylor, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Nunsense"; 2, Jeff Taylor, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Military Cutup"; 3, Jeff Taylor, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Shadow Diver."

Sequence Photography: 1, Mike Salsbury, The Times-News, "Against All Odds"; 2, Jeff Taylor, Lewiston Morning Tribune, "Warrior Baseball Boxing Smoker."