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A little league coach who allegedly tried to shoot an umpire during an argument was charged with attempted murder Saturday, police said.

Curtis Fair, 31, who was being held in the East St. Louis lockup, was charged in the shooting, which allegedly took place Wednesday night, said Patrolman Lionel Settles. Settles said no injuries were reported.Fair was coaching third base with his team trailing by one run when a 9-year-old player was called out during a play at home plate by umpire Roderick Fisher, Jr., 16, police said. Police said Fair allegedly charged Fisher with a bat and threatened to kill him, but the altercation was broken up by spectators and Fair left the park in his car as the game continued.

Witnesses said Fair returned about 10 minutes later and approached Fisher with a gun. Fair allegedly fired at Fisher from about 10 feet away but missed, and Fisher ran toward the crowd of spectators, many of whom were also running from the field, police said. Fisher then allegedly began firing toward the crowd, but didn't hit anyone, police said.

Fair fled and was caught by police within an hour in an alley, but no weapon was found, police said.