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Fresh ash rained down Sunday on farms near Mount Pinatubo, and officials urged those living near the volcano to flee the threat of landslides along riverbanks.

At least 84 earth tremors shook the mountain late Saturday and early Sunday, scientists said. Three of the tremors were described as strong but no Richter scale readings were available.Thousands of American troops and their families were stranded Sunday in the central city of Cebu waiting for flights to the United States. They left the Subic Bay naval base by ship to escape the devastation of Mount Pinatubo.

At least 1,500 U.S. airmen left Subic Bay naval base Saturday for Cebu, 350 miles south of Manila, aboard the aircraft carrier Midway. But it was not known when they might leave the country.

A shortage of planes and fuel prevented some flights Saturday, forcing men, women and children to stay in tents pitched near Cebu's airport, officials said.

By mid-day Saturday, 16,657 people had been evacuated from Subic Bay, said Maj. Patrice Mauck, a Marine Corps representative in Honolulu. Of those, 11,606 were flown to Guam, where 4,805 were still waiting to leave for the United States.

Two weeks of eruptions by the volcano have paralyzed two U.S. facilities, Clark Air Base and Subic Bay.

Fear of renewed eruptions and landslides has accelerated the exodus from areas ravaged by eruptions and falling ash.