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A summer camp for children with cancer will provide a chance for them to "just be kids and not be patients," said Rachel Hunt, director of Camp Hobe.

"The basic difference from other summer camps is that it provides support for the children who will be surrounded by those who know what they're going through," Hunt said.Camp Hobe, named after a Native American word meaning "hope," is co-sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the Primary Children's Medical Center. Now in its eighth year, participation has increased from 15 children the first year to 140 last year.

About 140 are expected to attend this year's camp during two sessions from June 30 to July 6 at Camp Redcliffe in the Ogden Canyon.

During the camp, cancer will not be discussed formally but will not be ignored if the children want to talk about it. The camp provides children with cancer and their siblings a normal camping experience free from stress and treatment.

Volunteer medical professionals and college students will assist with activities throughout the week.