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There was talk that an old treasure would be unearthed in the excavation of an alley in Pocatello.

It didn't pan out Friday, but about 40 bottles, some with corks and liquid intact, were dug up and one was dated 1897.The old whiskey bottles and druggist vials were found in what used to be the pit of an outhouse, according to land owners John and Harry Dudunake.

According to the brothers, when their father first bought the land, he was told if the ground were ever dug up to look for a cache of gold supposedly buried by bank robbers from Utah.

The gold rumor caused more than a little excitement Friday, even after 80 years.

"When I told (the backhoe operators) there was supposed to be gold down there, they all quit working and grabbed their shovels and started digging by hand," said Harry.

The small group of spectators were watching for a cache of coins the brothers said might turn up. The missing coins were part of a bungled robbery attempt.

None of the expected coins or gold turned up, but the archaeologists-for-a-day did find an ink well, part of a well-rusted waffle iron, and pieces of china plates.