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David Letterman has shunned a chance to pitch next month for the Tucson Toros of the Pacific Coast league in a game against their parent club, the Houston Astros.

Letterman, the host of NBC's "Late Night With David Letterman," has been boasting on the air recently that he could guarantee he would pitch an inning of shutout ball against a major-league team.On Wednesday, Toros officals extended an invitation to Lettterman to pitch in the July 1 game.

But Jack Rollins, Letterman's agent and producer, turned down the invitation Friday night, saying the talk-show host has a busy schedule.

"I guess they chickened out. Their bark was bigger than their bite," Toros' general manager Mike Feder said "Jack Rollins said Letterman does not have the time and that they've had as lot of offers.

"My question to them was why do you keep talking about it if you're not going to play--to which there was no answer. I imagine they won't be talking about it too readily on TV anymore this summer. Dave had his chance and they passed."