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Age: 76, "old enough to vote."\ Born: Spanish Fork.

Family: Husband, Clifton, deceased; son, Glen; and daughter, Ann Banks.

Education: Graduate, Spanish Fork High School.\ Occupation: Owner/operator of the Oak Crest Inn, 2600 Canyon Road, Spanish Fork.

CITY STATS\ Size: Approximately 6 square miles\ Population: 12,000

Budget: $9.2 million\ Number of employees: 67\ Mayor's salary: $400/month\ PERSONAL\ Politics: Republican\ First "real" job: "When Clifton and opened our first cafe."

Management style: "Give people your trust and confidence. If you do, they'll always make the best decisions."\ Why I like being mayor: "I enjoy people. I like talking to them."\ Why I hate being mayor: "My worst frustration is that I can't do everything that I want to for this city, although when people call me with their concerns, I like being able to explain why the city took a certain action."

Recipe for success: "Work hard. In anything you do, you have to put a little of yourself into it to get something worthwhile back."

A memorable failure: "There are too many to remember, but it's still been worth it."

Heroes: "I have a lot of them, really, especially living ones. I consider many of the women I work with in church or civic organizations to be heroes in their own right."

Leisure: "I like to read newspapers and get together with my family - especially in family-oriented activities."

Favorite book and movie: "I haven't had much time to either read a book or go to the movies. Instead, I like talking to young women and people about their goals and setting realistic ones. I do that on a regular basis two or three times a week."