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Juab County officials did the right thing in requesting that the state Public Service Commission order telephone service to the Chase-Hunt ranch area on highway U-28 south of Levan.

"You're taking the right course," said Steve Linton, Public Policy Area Manager for US WEST.Rex Chase, LeGrand Hunt and Linton met with County Commissioners to discuss bringing telephone service to the area, which is now outside the US WEST service area. Measurement studies had been completed in the area, Linton said, but no cost studies had been done.

The area is approximately five miles outside the US WEST service area. Linton said the PSC would determine which carrier would be the best source at the best price for phone service to ranchers south of Levan. US WEST provides service to Powell Lane, which is near the Chase-Hunt area. The PSC would also determine if any other carriers are interested in providing service.

Chase said ranchers want US WEST service because the company provides service for Levan, Mona and Nephi. "We don't want all our calls to be long-distance," said Chase.

Chase and Hunt have been attempting to get phone service to the area for three months. Juab County commissioners received a petition and letters from residents of the county who live south of Levan along U-28 requesting a telephone line.

Chase said the families have had numerous emergencies, and like motorists who have emergencies while traveling through the area, have to send someone to Levan or Gunnison to make a phone call.

Fifteen ranchers requested the phone line by signing three petitions. However, Chase said, there were approximately 20 families who would like phone service.