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Whatever happened to Gloria Grahame, the sexy, beautiful actress in `It's a Wonderful Life"? - A.L., Milford, Mich.

Stats: Born Nov. 28, 1925, in Los Angeles, Calif., as Gloria Grahame Hallward. Attended Hollywood (CA.) High School. Married and divorced four times. Her husbands were actor Stanley Clements (1945-48), director Nick Ray (1948-52), writer Cy Howard (1954-57) and actor/producer Tony Ray (1961-74). (The last marriage was a Hollywood sensation. Tony Ray was the son of her second husband, Nick Ray.) Four children.Early years: Grahame quit high school to tour in "Good Night Ladies." then made a Broadway bow in 1943 (under her real name.). She made her movie debut in 1944 in "Blonde Fever."

Famous for: In the 1950s, she specialized in roles as a fallen woman or erring wife. She was nominated for an Oscar in 1947 for "Crossfire" and won in 1952 for "The Bad and the Beautiful."

In recent years: She quit movies twice, 1959-66 and '67-71, and her career went into a steady decline. Her later movies were low-budget and European-made. The last was British, 1979's "A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square." Grahame died in 1981.

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