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The Weber County attorney's office has been given sheriff's reports in the weekend death of a water skier at Pineview Reservoir, authorities said Monday.

Michael DeGroot, 21, of Washington Terrace, died after being struck by the boat that had been towing him in the northeast area of the reservoir shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday.Lt. Mike Wells said he would not release the name of the boat's driver until the investigation was complete. He said the boating party consisted of the driver, DeGroot and three others.

Wells said blood samples had been taken from DeGroot and the boat's driver. The lieutenant said there was alcohol on board at the time of the accident.

DeGroot had been skiing and had fallen in the water when the boat returned to get him, sheriff's reports said.

The people in the boat pulled him on board, then took him to shore, where paramedics treated him before transportation to St. Benedict's Hospital. DeGroot was dead on arrival at the hospital.