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At the beginning of the 1987-88 school year, West Bountiful Elementary was bulging.

About 870 students filled its classrooms, which were designed for only 785 children.So the Davis School Board quickly ordered the elementary school to adopt an extended-day schedule the following year.

Since then, enrollment has steadily decreased. This past year, it was 806. This coming year, though, the number will drop to 713.

As a result, the school board has authorized the school to return to a traditional-day schedule, effective for the the 1992-93 school year.

"There's always a question as to why we were allowed to stay on an extended-day schedule for three years," said Kathi Bangerter, spokeswoman for a district-appointed citizens committee that has studied the issue.

A survey mailed to parents showed that 62 percent favored a return to the traditional schedule, which Principal Talmadge Robinson also favors.

Though teachers were split on which schedule they favor, all have expressed a willingness to accept either, Bangerter said.