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Craige Hall has been appointed to serve as associate vice president of facilities and communication services at Weber State University.

Hall has been information services director at Weber State since 1986. He will assume his new duties July 1."Craige Hall has proven to be an extremely capable administrator and has wide experience at Weber State University," Said Allen F. Simkins, vice president for administrative services. "We are pleased that he has accepted this new position."

In his new role, Hall will direct the campus physical plant, electronic maintenance and repair, computer services, architectural services, energy and telecommunications.

Hall holds a bachelor of arts degree in history and geography from Utah State University and a master's degree in library science from Brigham Young University.

He joined Weber State in 1968 as a library instructor and was appointed library director in 1970. Since 1986, he has supervised both the library and computer services.

Hall will replace Garth L. Welch, who served previously as associate vice president of physical facilities.