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At least for now, the Nebo School District's new breakfast program will buck a trend by lowering its rates from last year or keeping them constant.

Last year, the district installed the program at a cost of 65 cents to elementary school students and 85 cents for secondary school students and adults. Next year, however, the adult and elementary school rates will stay the same, while secondary students will pay 65 cents. Monthly breakfast passes will be 20 times the daily rate.Because of debts in the food-services fund, the district had raised lunch prices for three consecutive years. For the time being, though, Nebo will leave the rates alone.

"Unfortunately, many of the government commodities that helped to control the price of meals are no longer offered to the schools, and it has necessitated price adjustments in the past," said Carla Lewis, supervisor of the district's food services program.

The program may have been able to keep costs constant because no extra people were needed to run the program.

Also, because of the program's relative success, all 25 schools in the district will enable their students to partake of the four food groups before learning their ABC's for the entire school year.

"It's the district's goal to provide students with nutritious and appealing meals at a reasonable price," Lewis said. "This program will allow students to purchase a nutritious breakfast at the school before the start of classwork instruction."

According to Lewis, Nebo started a pilot breakfast program last fall in eight schools - Spanish Fork's Park Elementary, Springville's West Side Elementary, Payson's Park View Elementary and Middle schools, those three cities' high schools and Goshen Elementary.

The test menu included food items from the bread, fruit and milk groups, as well as a selection from the protein group or a suitable substitute. For example, Lewis said a typical breakfast would include scrambled eggs, a sausage patty, toast, milk or juice, and an apple, orange or banana.

The schools served the breakfast approximately 20 minutes before classes started.

The district carefully monitored the pilot schools to determine whether the meals could be provided economically.

Last November, the program expanded to include breakfast test programs in eight more elementary schools - Payson's Barnett Elementary and Wilson schools, Santaquin, Salem, Spanish Fork's Larsen and Rees schools, and Springville's Brookside and Grant schools.

The experiment again paid off for the district, she said, as the district added the test program in December to its nine remaining schools - Springville's Middle, Junior High, Sage Creek and Art City Elementary; Spanish Fork's Intermediate and Brockbank Elementary; Payson's Taylor Elementary and Junior High; and Mapleton Elementary.

"It won't exactly be a new program to the schools, since they had the test programs last year," Lewis said. "But the program will run for the whole year in all the schools, instead of part of the year."


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Nebo School district school breakfast prices:

Elementary $.65 $.65

Secondary $.85 $.65

Adult $.85 $.85

(Monthly breakfast tickets are 20 times the daily rate.)