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Ted Cannon asked the U.S. District Court to dismiss his libel suit against Redbook magazine and a Salt Lake County secretary, but the former Salt Lake County attorney is pursuing an identical suit filed in state 3rd District Court.

Cannon sued Shauna Clark and Redbook magazine in March for $5.6 million, filing suits in state and federal court. The suits stemmed from an article by Shauna Clark in the April 1990 issue of Redbook: "My Boss Ordered Me to Sleep With Him."The article detailed Cannon's 1987 sexual harassment of Clark, an incident that resulted in criminal charges against Cannon, a 30-day jail sentence and his resignation as county attorney.

In his suits, Cannon said Clark's story contained false and defamatory statements that exposed him to public hatred, contempt and ridicule.

Cannon's federal suit was dismissed last week. Redbook and Clark filed a motion in 3rd District Court to have Cannon's state suit dismissed as well.

Redbook said Cannon's suit was filed too late. Utah law requires that libel suits be filed no more than one year after the publication of the libel.