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A state agency's reluctance to declare a North Salt Lake park as blighted proved a windfall to another Davis County community seeking to install its sewer system.

State community development officials charged with administering federal Community Development Block Grant funds in May vetoed part of the $200,000 awarded to North Salt Lake to renovate Main Park.The funds were part of $1.6 million in CDBG funds apportioned to Davis County. Division of the funds was done through the Davis Council of Governments (COG).

In past years, COG recommendations on parceling out the federal funds were rubber stamped by the state. But this year, with some prodding from the federal level, state agency officials more closely scrutinized the funding applications.

North Salt Lake's $200,000 appropriation to improve Main Park and renovate its restroom was rejected, as well as a $200,000 grant to Bountiful to buy a ladder truck for its fire department. Both cities appealed the decision.

Bountiful did a population survey and showed its grant will benefit low- and moderate-income residents, one of the grant criteria set by the federal Housing and Urban Development agency.

North Salt Lake tried to show its park is a slum or blighted, to meet another grant criteria. But the state ruled only the restroom is blighted and agreed to $117,000 to replace that, out of the original $200,000 grant.

The other $83,000 was turned back to COG for redistribution. Sunset Mayor Norm Sant reported to COG that the subcommittee he headed that ranked grant applications by the cities recommends the $83,000 be given to South Weber.

South Weber requested $517,000 to install a sewer system and COG awarded the city $417,000. Adding the other $83,000 will bring that up to $500,000, just $17,000 short of the project's cost.

Sant said the review subcommittee considered dividing up the $83,000 among the other five cities that received a portion of the $1.6 million and then considered awarding it to the next city on the list, Centerville, which fell below the cutoff point in funding.