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America's fascination with the drive-in has led to some interesting businesses. From our cars we can buy meals, get married or divorced, conduct bank transactions, check out books and movies.

In one part of the country, even funeral parlors offer drive-up services.Orem is the home of a different type of drive-in - the Winder Dairy Drive Thru Market. And this is one dairy that sells more than milk.

Wally Page, head of marketing for Winder Dairy, said that almost everything on its shelves is Utah grown and produced. The bread and dairy goods are produced in Salt Lake City, and the meat comes from a farm in Payson.

"The peanut butter comes from the Midwest, but everything else is a Utah product," he said.

The drive-in grocery store was inspired by similar businesses on both the East and West coasts, but it took a little time before it caught on in Utah County.

"People always resist a little bit to change, but when we get somebody in the store, they keep coming back," Page said.

A drive-in grocery store was also new to some of the employees. Jennifer Stoker heard about the market when she was looking for a job. The advertisement intrigued her, and she decided to find out what it was all about.

"I really like the idea. I have never seen or heard of anything like it before, but I think it has to be better than grocery shopping in a store," she said.

The market has been on State Street in Orem for about 11/2 years now. It is the second of what the dairy hopes will become a 15-store chain in Utah. The other store is located in Bountiful.

Patrons can buy soap, sodas, chips and other items in about 90 seconds or less by driving up to the front door of what used to be a gasoline service station and placing orders with an employee who fills them from a huge wall freezer and racks. One of the main attractions is the 10-cent ice cream cone.

"It's good stuff," Page said.

The Orem store is also the base of home deliveries for all of Utah County. Winder's buys milk from smaller dairies around Payson and in Magic Valley in Idaho.