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A budget totaling $2.27 million for the coming fiscal year has been put in place by Kaysville City Council members, who avoided increasing property taxes for the coming year.

One increase the council approved is a $1.05 per month hike in sanitary sewer fees, passed along to residents from the Central Davis Sewer District.The city's certified tax rate is set at .002270, slightly down from last year and in line with the certified rate under the state Truth in Taxation law.

The city expects to generate $3.54 million in revenue from its electric utility, up from last year's $3.51 million. From this year's power sales revenues, the city plans to transfer $1.25 million to its capital improvements fund to pay for construction of a new city public works building.

Kaysville is budgeting $1.18 million in taxes this year, both property and sales, for a total general fund of $2.27 million.

In spending, the police budget is increasing from $585,000 to $616,000 and the fire department is at $162,000, up from last year's $137,000.

Administrative costs are up, to $458,000 from $410,000, and the public works operating budget increased to $567,000, from $476,000. Parks and recreation also increased, from $312,000 to $326,000.

Moving into the second phase of the city's irrigation water system installation, Kaysville expects to generate $275,000 in connection fees as residents hook onto the system and another $220,000 in water sales. But construction of the second phase is pegged at $2.5 million, funded mostly by a state water resources loan.

The council also funded the city's redevelopment agency budget for the coming year at $10,000.