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A new dress code designed to allow students to wear shorts was approved on a three-two vote by the Juab School Board on Wednesday.

Under the new code, students will be allowed to wear shorts that come to midthigh. They will not be allowed to wear dresses, skirts or shorts which are above midthigh. Tank tops, crop tops, halter tops and clothing which allows shoulders, midriff and back to be exposed will not be permitted.Clothing with written or pictorial messages that transmit questionable, ethical, or other propriety standards will not be allowed, and a rider was placed on the policy. If students fail to abide by the guidelines, the policy will be dropped at the particular school where the offense occurs.

Board president, Leon Pexton, and board vice president, Jerry Bosh, both voted against the new code. The board will vote a second time on the issue in July. It is expected, however, that the vote will remain the same.