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The Duchesne County Chamber of Commerce will sponsor "the mother of all treasure hunts" beginning July 1.

The hunt is designed to give participants a chance to see the "treasures" located in Duchesne County and the west side of Uintah County while winning free gifts and discounts at local stores. A grand prize will be awarded to the individual who successfully find the treasure.Free starting packets will be given away at IGA, Sprouse and Stewart's in Roosevelt, and at the Mission Motel in Duchesne. The packet will contain one clue to send treasure seekers on their way, as well as coupons and discounts from local merchants.

The hunt will take the entire month of July to complete. Those reaching a certain point in the hunt by July 15 will receive a "mid-term" clue to begin the second half of the treasure hunt. There's no age limit on who can play, but Bigler says only those age 16 and older can pick up the clues.

The idea for the hunt came from a Duchesne County Economic Development Committee meeting as a way to introduce residents to the "treasure" in their own area, as well as to draw tourists.