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Gov. Norm Bangerter last week appointed and the Utah Senate confirmed the following individuals to the following boards and commissions:

State Board of Regents: Brent L. Hogan, Douglas S. Foxley, John B. Goddard, Clifford S. LeFevre, Michael O. Leavitt and Kenneth G. Anderton.Weber State University board of trustees (formally the Insitutional Council): John A. Lindquist, Morris Hansen and Fred S. Ball.

Utah State University board of trustees: Melanie Raymond, James Bingham, C. Booth Wallentine and Jed Pitcher.

University of Utah board of trustees: Louis H. Callister, James S. Jardine, Robert Garff and John Price.

Snow College board of trustees: Ferral Huntsman, Thorpe Waddingham and Ruth Tempest.

Dixie College board of trustees: Sidney J. Atkin, Robert F. Weyher and Randy W. Wilkinson.

College of Eastern Utah board of trustees: Douglas F. Sonntag and Robert Swinburne.

Salt Lake Community College board of trustees: Julie Barrett, Dale Ensign and F. Warren Nuesmeyer.

Utah Valley Community College board of trustees: Nancy Heuston, Ray M. Harding and Beth Tolbert.

Southern Utah University board of trustees: Kay L. McIff and Lear Thorpe.

Board of Services to the Handicapped: Troy Justesen.

Board of Youth Corrections: Richard K. Winters and M. Royce Jones.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission: Jerry D. Fenn and Nicholas E. Hales.

Board of Business and Economic Development: Robert J. Grow.

Board of Travel Development: Carol W. Thorne, Jess Reid and J. Douglas Knell.

Board of State History: Marilyn Barker.

Salt Palace and Fine Arts Advisory Board: Kenneth Knight.

Utah Technology Finance Corporation Board: Carolyn S. McNeil.

Board of Parks and Recreation: Kent D. Tibbits, Jack Barnett and Clayton J. Parr.

Board of Oil, Gas and Mining: Raymond Murray.

Board of Utah Geological and Mineral Survey: Jerry B. Golden.

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District Board: R. Howard Cox, Evan Whitesides and Scott F. Peterson.

Air Quality Board: Janice Miller, Greg Boyce, Robert H. Lovell and William H. Levitt.

Utah Health Data Committee: Michael J. Stapley, Robert Parsons, H. Gary Pehrson, Rebecca F. Hatfield and Eugene Chapman.

State Emergency Medical Services Committee: S. Lee Bracken and Nichola A. Ashton.

Utah Health Advisory Committee: E. Bruce McIff, Larry E. Putnam and June Leifson.

Health Facilities Committee: Michael J. Stransky, George Holmes and V. Robert Kelly.

Utah Fire Prevention Board: Allan H. Peek, Robert W. Peart, Gary Wise, Bob Wright and Ken Naylor.

Utah Commission on Uniform State Laws: H. Reese Hansen.

Crime Victim's Reparations Board: Dennis M. McSharry and Sidney P. Groll.

Workers' Compensation Fund board of directors: Lawrence Higgins and Joe L. Logan.

Real Estate Commission: Claudia E. Ashby.

Department of Environmental Quality: Kenneth L. Alkema appointed executive director.

Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool Board: Lloyd Carr, Colin Gardner and Kendall R. Surfass.

Passenger Tramway Safety Committee: Phil Jones and Susan Giannettino.