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A West Valley woman told police she was raped Sunday by a man she had met the night before at a bar.

Police were called to 3500 South near 4400 West after a woman collapsed in front of a restaurant. She said she had been beaten and raped.The 34-year-old woman said she met the suspect Saturday at a Magna bar and gave him her phone number. The next morning, he called her and invited her to lunch. The man picked her up and said he was taking her to a Magna restaurant. But he continued to drive west past Magna up a deserted road, a Salt Lake County sheriff's report states.

The man pulled a knife from under a seat cover and raped the woman while holding the knife. He told her she was going to have his baby and it was going to be a girl, the report said.

The man then ordered the woman out of his car, threw her clothes on the ground and left her in the field.