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A Salt Lake teenager riding with a truck driver to Las Vegas told police she was raped by the man at a Cedar City truck stop.

The girl, 15, and a friend met the truck driver at Flying J truck stop, 2100 S. 900 West, told him they were running away and asked for a ride. The driver said he could not have two passengers in the same truck, so the victim's friend rode with another truck driver to Las Vegas.The girl told police the driver instructed her to get in the truck's sleeper when they stopped at several places so the driver would not get in trouble for "harboring a runaway," the report stated. When they arrived at Cedar City, the man climbed into the sleeper with her, removed her clothes and raped her. After the rape, the driver said he had a gun and threatened to shoot the girl if she tried to leave.

After arriving in Las Vegas, another trucker told police about the victim and her friend.