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The search for the world's fastest typist has begun.

WordPerfect Corp., with Manpower Temporary Services, a worldwide temporary organization, are joining with Key Tronic Corp. for the "World Invitational Type-Off."Melissa Anderson of Orem's Manpower Office said the five-minute test can be profitable.

"How else could you earn $10,000 in five minutes?" she asked. Other prizes include a car, computers and accessories, and WordPerfect software packages. The finalists will receive a paid trip to Las Vegas for the final round of the competition.

Anderson said she wants to emphasize that the contest is not just for those who type professionally. "It is for anyone who thinks they are fast enough and accurate enough to compete," she said.

The contest is a five-minute test of typing speed and accuracy using a personal computer and is scored by a software program that is contained in a diskette included with the test.

Entrants may take the test as many times as desired until July 31, and only the highest score will be eligible. Those interested in the contest may call Orem's Manpower office at 226-8119.