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The doctrinal basis for missionary work is the atonement of the Savior, said President Howard W. Hunter of the Council of the Twelve.

He addressed some 2,000 missionaries and new mission presidents at the weekly devotional at the Missionary Training Center June 18. He explained that missionaries are called to help others to come unto Christ and partake of the blessings of the atonement."What does it mean to rely wholly on the merits of our Savior? It means that no man or woman can receive eternal life without the atonement of Jesus Christ being fully efficacious in his or her life. . . .

"We must always remember that the atonement of Jesus Christ was a foreordained assignment by our Heavenly Father to redeem His children after their fallen state. It was an act of love by our Heavenly Father to permit His Only Begotten to make an atoning sacrifice. And it was a supreme act of love by His Beloved Son to carry out the atonement."