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Queen Elizabeth II has intervened in preliminary divorce negotiations between Princess Anne and her estranged husband, Capt. Mark Phillips, over concern about the emotional stability of her first grandchild, the Sunday Express reported.

The queen has warned the couple that any settlement must ensure that their 13-year-old son, Peter, must not be separated from his father.Phillips, 42, the target of a paternity claim by a New Zealand woman, and the queen's daughter announced their separation in November 1989 after 16 years of marriage. The Express said financial negotiations are under way in advance of formal divorce proceedings expected to begin in September.

A dispute centers on the $8.75 million Gatcombe Park estate where Phillips still lives, it said.

"Mark is very unhappy about being kicked out of Gatcombe and is pushing for a financial settlement and visiting rights to his children," a source told the newspaper.

"It could mean that Anne will have to compromise because Peter - the queen's first grandchild - absolutely hero-worships his father and will undoubtedly be upset if Mark has to move from Gatcombe," it said.