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A prominent Utah businessman who wishes to remain anonymous has spurred on the restoration of the Cathedral of the Madeleine by declaring that he will match all contributions to the campaign, dollar for dollar, up to $500,000 - effective through June 30.

The cathedral's restoration campaign started in 1988 and reached its original goal of $6.3 million in 1990. However, the seismic upgrading required after the 1989 San Francisco earthquake raised that cost to $8.1 million. To date, the fund is $1 million short at a total of $7.1 million."This is a tremendously exciting development and exactly the kind of stimulus we need to finish the campaign and reach our goal of $8.1 million by June 30," Bishop Weigand, general chairman of the campaign, said.

The restoration project is due to be completed in late 1992. The structure was originally built in 1909.