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The American Diabetes Association wants a Salt Lake celebrity to compete in a "Kiss-a-Pig" contest.

The fund-raiser has special appeal - or make that squeal - for diabetics because insulin, the hormone needed to control the disease, is derived from pigs.Fifteen local personalities, including radio disc jockeys, Sen. Jake Garn and Heisman Trophy Winner Ty Detmer, are vying for the privilege of kissing a pig during the final performance of the Utah Diabetes Round-Up Pro Rodeo on June 8. The contestant who wins the most votes will win the honor.

Votes cost $1 each, and ballots are available at Salt Lake area Maverick convenience stores, IGA Superstores, KSOP Radio, Country Joe's Records and Tapes, Super Sonic Car Washes, Menlove Dodge, Larry Miller Dodge, Hinckley Dodge and the American Diabetes Association. Proceeds from the contest will benefit Camp UTADA, for youths with diabetes.

Organizers say this is one time in America when it is legal to stuff the ballot box. Voting will continue through June 8.

Other contestants, along with Garn and Detmer, are Tom Barberi, KALL 910; Zeb Bell, rodeo announcer; Tom Bock, KMGR Magic 107.5; Jim Bradley, Salt Lake County commissioner; Bill Buckley, KSOP Radio 104.3; Country Joe, KSOP Radio 104.3 and rodeo honorary chairman; John Greenwell, KSOP Radio 104.3; Kim Hall, KSOP 104.3; Tim Hughes, KSL Radio 1160; Rick Majerus, University of Utah basketball coach; Randee Munns, rodeo clown; Dave Nemeth, KTVX Channel 4 weatherman; and Phil Pond, KSOP Radio 104.3.