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Age: 58Family: wife, Bettylou; children, Sharyl, Jana, Gordon, Brent, Roger, Alayne; 10 grandchildren

Education: American Fork High School; bachelor's degree in business management from University of Utah

Occupation: Self-employed in printer brokerage firm


Size: 1,665.46 acres

Population: About 800

Budget: $132,000

Number of employees: one full time, six part time

Mayor's salary: $100 monthly, part time


Politics: Republican

First "real" job: Working in sales with a printing company

Management style: "I listen carefully to those who have been hired by the city as experts." Decisions are made on recommendations made by those people.

Why I like being mayor: "I don't like being mayor. I had people that came to me and asked me to run. I'm mayor because I feel a civic responsibility. I would not pursue politics beyond the mayor's position."

Why I hate being mayor: "People expect the mayor and council to solve problems in the community that really ought to be solved by neighbors. Neighborhood squabbles make the job distasteful."

Recipe for success: "My recipe for success is to go about what you need to do every day, whether you like to do it or not."

A memorable failure: Drilling a city well that did not produce the water it was expected to.

Heroes: "My heroes are mothers and dads that do their job well."

Leisure: Spending time with family, gardening, golf.

Favorite book: Book of Mormon

Favorite movie: "Random Harvest," a film made in the 1940s