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Bountiful has a diverse set of demographic profiles, according to Virginia-based Claritas Corp's system PRIZM. The computer-derived system analyzes social and economic differences and classifies neighborhoods into "clusters."

The city has the highest concentration of residents in Blue-Chip Blues. Other strong showings are in more upscale Furs and Station Wagons and God's Country.According to the 1990 Census, a high percentage, 83 percent, of Bountiful's households contains families, which mean they have a householder and one or more other persons related by birth, marriage or adoption. Nearly three-quarters of Bountiful's households are headed by married-couples. forty percent of the population is 18 and younger. Six percent of the population is 65 years and older.

Origin of city's name

Bountiful's name comes from a Book of Mormon land called Bountiful, which, according to the book, was "filled with all manner of wild animals."

Date of incorporation

Dec. 14, 1892. The city is preparing a big centennial celebration for next year.

Did you know?

Bountiful grew by 510.58 percent in the past 40 years from 6,004 residents to 36,659.

Median home price



14 parks

1 ice rink

2 swimming pools

1 public library

1 golf course

10 covered picnic facilities

19 tennis courts

2 soccer fields

8 baseball diamonds

Crime (1990)

Murder, 0

Rape, 4

Robbery, 9

Aggravated assault, 38

Burglary, 166

Median age


Household size

3.25 people per household

Political profile

The city is unquestionably Republican. In 1988, 12,687 Bountiful voters cast ballots for George Bush; 3,637 for Dukakis; 258 voted for other candidates.

Largest taxpayers

US West Communications paid nearly $25,000 in Bountiful property taxes last year.

Largest employer

The Davis School District employs about 990 people within the city's boundaries.


36,659, Utah's 9th largest city

White 36,012

Hispanic 588

Asian or Pacific Is. 347

American Indian 100

Black 35

Sources: Bountiful City Corp., Davis County clerk, State Data Center, U.S. Census Bureau, State Bureau of Criminal Identification, Claritas Corp.