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Another Language, a performing arts company, will present "Moving Words," on Saturday, July 6, at 7:30 p.m. in their performance studio at 345 W. Pierpont (250 South).

Members of the company will read, dance, sing and interpret with sound, light or costume, 10 works selected from the League of Utah Writers' 1990 poetry and fiction contests. Proceeds from this fund-raiser will benefit both organizations.Writers and their works that will be performed are Jody Johns, "Wino on the Subway"; Clarence Socwell, "The Line Up"; "Kolette Montague, "Fire Within the Rose" and "Magic in My Shoes"; D. Marisa Black, "Lune"; D. Louise Brown, "A Mug Shot"; Carol B. Quist, "Abra Ca-Zoot"; Patricia Ramsey-Jones, "The Last Children in America"; Marilyn O. Chapman, "One Thousand Eyes"; and Greg Kinzer, "In the Silence."

An artists' reception and buffet supper will follow, with food supplied by EIBO's, Ferrantelli, the American Grill, Casa del Sol and Golden Spoon Yogurt.

Tickets at $20 a person may be reserved in advance by calling Another Language at 359-8144, or they may be purchased at the door.