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To the editor:

For many years, Bountiful has had a very good city government, with the mayor and City Council working well with the city manager and his staff. The proof is in the results that the citizens of this city enjoy; for example, the best recreational facilities in the state, the cheapest and best power rates, the best operated water system and solid waste management systems in the state.Our roads are kept up winter and summer perfectly. There is no long waiting time for roads to be cleared after a big snow storm. Our police and fire protection are outstanding, and we, as citizens of Bountiful, have beautiful homes in a beautiful setting, beyond compare.

I think our concern should be to continue to elect people who are knowledgeable, dependable and willing to govern this city so that we will always have "government by the people, and for the people."

I have attended many council meetings over the past three and one-half years and have been very impressed by the manner in which Councilwoman Barbara Holt has conducted herself, and how she has applied herself to be knowledgeable on every item on each week's agenda.

She has gone about her assignment on the council with courage and determination, always being aware of the public trust. She has been dependable and cooperative in her contacts with those who elected her. Her service to our community has been highly commendable.

I talked with her recently about seeking another term on the council and she was not sure she would seek re-election. I, for one, will continue to urge her to run for the council, and I hope that all citizens who realize the outstanding service she has rendered us, the citizens of Bountiful, will call her and encourage her to file for a second term.

Elmer W. Barlow

Former mayor of Bountiful