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Cecelia H. Foxley was named deputy commissioner of higher education Friday.

The appointment was announced by Commissioner of Higher Education Wm. Rolfe Kerr to the state Board of Regents on Friday. The regents met at Snow College.Foxley, who has been with the Utah system of higher education for six years, has been the associate commissioner for academic affairs and vocational education. Commissioner of Higher Education Wm. Rolfe Kerr said the title change emphasizes that academic programs are the driving force for budget and planning decisions.

It also means she will be the person in charge when Kerr is away.

Foxley coordinates all system decisions on academic programs, including regular program reviews, recommendations for new programs and termination of programs. She chairs a committee of academic officers from every college and university in the state.

Before joining the system in 1985, Foxley served in faculty and administrative positions at Utah State University, the University of Iowa and the University of Minnesota.