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Severe weather moved across the Nebraska panhandle early Saturday, including a possible tornado, while the eastern United States braced for another day of high heat and humidity.

The National Weather Service said a possible tornado was sighted on radar shortly before midnight MDT southeast of Chadron, Neb., and it was moving eastward. A funnel cloud was reported about 15 minutes later north of Rushville, Neb.Golf ball-size hail with heavy rain and strong winds blew through northern parts of the panhandle overnight, the NWS said. Parts of the area were under tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings into the early hours of Saturday.

There were no reports of a tornado touching down, an official with the Dawes County sheriff's office in Chadron said. No storm damage was reported either in neighboring Sheridan County to the east.

Storms also moved through parts of Wisconsin overnight. Severe thunderstorms rumbled across northern parts of the state, bringing winds of 60 mph and 3- to 4-inch hail to some locations.

After a day of temperatures approaching 100 degrees in the East, the region prepared for more hot weather Saturday. Temperatures were forecast for the upper 90s from Washington, D.C., to New York, while forecasters expected the mercury to climb into the mid-90s in Boston.