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For 1991, the 10-week Utah Shakespearean Festival season will include six productions on three stages, totaling 20 performances each week.

The three Adams Theatre productions have just completed their "preview" performances, and the Jones Theatre productions will have their previews this week.The festival formally opens on Monday, July 1, and continues through Saturday, Sept. 7. Productions are staged in the outdoor Adams Memorial Shakespearean Theatre, and indoors in the Randall L. Jones Theatre and (for "Twelfth Night" matinees only) the Southern Utah University Auditorium.

Here's the USF itinerary for 1991 (all matinees are at 2 p.m. and evening performances at 8:30 p.m.):

- "Twelfth Night," Adams Theatre, directed by David Hammond. During the week of July 1-6 it will play on Monday and Thursday evening. For the rest of the season, it will play on Monday and Thursday evenings on the Adams stage and on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons in the Auditorium.

- "Volpone," Adams Theatre, directed by Rick Risso. Opening performance on Tuesday, July 2, continuing on Tuesday and Friday evenings through Sept. 6.

- "Hamlet," Adams Theatre, directed by Malcolm Morrison. Opens Wednesday, July 3, then continues on Wednesday and Saturday evenings through Sept. 7.

- "Death of a Salesman," Jones Theatre, directed by Eli Simon. The play's first three performances are a preview on July 1, formal opening and the performance on Monday, July 8, will all be matinees, after which it will continue on Monday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from July 10 through Sept. 7 for a total of 38 performances.

- "The Taming of the Shrew," Jones Theatre, directed by Kathleen Conlin. During the first week, it will be presented on Tuesday (preview) and Saturday afternoon, July 2 and 6, after which it will continue on Tuesday and Friday evenings and Thursday afternoons through Sept. 6.

- "Misalliance," Jones Theatre, directed by John Neville-Andrews in the Jones Theatre. Preview performance on Wednesday afternoon, July 3, followed by a matinee on July 4 and an evening performance on Saturday, July 6. Regular performances will be Tuesday and Friday afternoons and Wednesday and Saturday evenings through Sept. 7.

TICKETS: Prices range from $16 to $20 in the Adams Theatre (evenings); $10 to $16 in the Jones Theatre (matinees); $14 to $20 in the Jones (evenings), and $8 to $16 in the Auditorium (matinees). For reservations, call 586-7878.

DISCOUNTS: On Senior Citizens Day, Aug. 28, all senior citizens will receive $2 discounts on the matinee performances of "Death of a Salesman" and "Twelfth Night." Also, all Monday evening performances of "Salesman" are discounted 50 percent.