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Dixie College graduation ceremonies on Saturday, June 1, honored two valedictorians: Berkeley Booth and Karen Lowe.

"The past couple of years have been highly competitive when we've gone to the academic council to select our valedictorians," said Max Rose, academic vice president. "Selection is based first on GPA, then difficulty of classes, and also on the required number of class hours obtained at Dixie College. This year, both of our valedictorians have 4.0 GPAs - that means they have a perfect, unblemished academic record."Booth, the son of Craig and Maureen Booth of St. George, served as the 1990-91 Dixie College student-body president. A member of the Utah Council of Student Body Presidents and Phi Theta Kappa honors fraternity, he was recognized as the outstanding sophomore student at recent Rebel Awards ceremonies. He has been on the dean's list every quarter and has been a member of the Dixie College Board of Trustees and President's Council.

Booth plans to go on to the University of Utah to earn a degree in Civil Engineering, and would like to then go on to Stanford to earn an MBA. He desires to own a private engineering firm someday.

Lowe is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Regan of Tempe, Ariz., Born in England, she and her husband, Tim, live in Santa Clara, Washington County, with their three children.

Lowe enrolled at the University of Kent at Canterbury where she attended two quarters. However, her education was interrupted when in the spring of 1978, her whole family moved to Tempe, Ariz. Marriage and children meant postponing her education until the fall of 1989, when she enrolled in Dixie College.

Lowe has maintained a 4.0 GPA while raising a family and helping her husband work toward his master degree in education. She is a staff member of the Dixie College literary magazine, "The Southern Quill"; a past member of the Dixie College Book Club; and a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Lowe plans to attend Southern Utah University this fall where she will major in English Literature. She has been offered an SUU scholarship.