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Ben Carlson called a suicide prevention center for help. What he got was a counselor who took him fishing, introduced him to relatives and then, police say, tried to kill him.

Amid the gruesome details - that Carlson's wrists were slit nearly to the bone and his neck was slashed - a prosecutor described a chilling motive: Former counselor Frank Snyder found Carlson too demanding and "didn't think he had the guts" to take his own life."It's frightening that someone like him could be working for a suicide prevention center with an undetected emotional state such as his," said Thomas Johnson, the deputy district attorney prosecuting Snyder for attempted murder.

Snyder, who is to be arraigned Wednesday in Superior Court, could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. Authorities are looking for another man they say helped Snyder carry out the attack Feb. 12 at Carlson's house.

Carlson has recovered from his injuries.

Johnson said Carlson, 52, called the center numerous times over several months, speaking to Snyder and other volunteers. Johnson said Carlson was depressed but had no history of mental illness and never intended to kill himself.

"Carlson talked several times with Snyder and they met socially several times. Carlson went fishing with Snyder. Carlson met his family," Johnson said.

Detectives said Snyder told them he attacked Carlson because Carlson had become too demanding and threatened his stability.