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I hope you can give me some advice. On Jan. 19, 1991, I sent a money order for $8.50 for one dozen scented silk roses and a vase. The cost was $5 plus $3.50 for postage. I have never received the roses.

I wrote the company in March requesting a refund. I never heard back from the company. Smith's (the grocery store) has the returned money order, which was cashed Feb. 9. The store provided me with a copy of the cashed money order.What can I do? - Mrs. R.S., Farmington.

You can write to the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York, P.O. Box 767, Madison Square Station, New York, NY 10010, Attention: Buxton Restitution Fund.

Submit your request for a refund by July 30, 1991. Send a proof of payment along with a letter explaining what you ordered and when.

As we printed in one of our columns several months ago, the BBB of Metropolitan New York was appointed to issue cash refunds to customers of Ben Buxton and a large variety of his mail-order companies.

A government lawsuit against Buxton stipulated that a refund account be established.

Flora Boutique scented silk roses were among the many products sold by Buxton's many companies.

Buxton has done business under the following names:

Astrology Society of America; Astrological Jewelry Center; Buxton Jewelry Ltd.; Brother Rudy; Charles Hamilton; Church of Miracles; Clavan Labs; Dr. Ziemba; Fatima Soil; Harvard Square Lottery Symposium; Gail Howard/Special Report Office; Holy Land Fellowship; House of Fatima; House of K; House of Miracles; International Marketing Associates; International Reports Publishing (IRPI); J.R. Systems; June Penn; Lourdes Water Cross; Lucerne Beauty Clinic; Madame Daudet; Marie Carmen Gallo; Marie Simone; Miracle Entitlement Program; Mystic Crystal Center; National Lottery Research Systems; Norvell Astrology Research; Nostradamus Publishing; Notification Committee; Nuit D'Amour; The Odds Predictor; $1,000 Distribution Center; Rothchild Depository; Seppo Rankinen; Slim for Life; Stonehenge Astrology; ULS Lottery Search Committee; Win With Palmer; Pools Computer Centre; Cartoon Classics; Flora Boutique.