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Utah Valley Regional Medical Center

Anderson, Charles and Jennifer, Provo, boy.

Anderson, Hans and Gloria, Orem, boy.

Archibald, James and Dixie, Provo, boy.

Asbell, Scott and Christine, Provo, girl.

Augustus, John and Janet, Provo, boy.

Brockbank, Bret and Stephanie, Lehi, girl.

Broderick, Kimball and Penny, Orem, girl.

Caldwell, Darren and Cynthia, Orem, girl.

Cold, Sherman and Denise, Provo, boy.

Comber, Geroge and Terri, Orem, boy.

Cook, David and Cheryl, American Fork, girl.

Duckworth, Steven and Megan, Provo, boy.

Evans, Chris and Melanie, Orem, girl.

Farr, Russell and Shauna, Provo, girl.

Freebairn, Michael and Amy, Orem, boy.

Games, Corey and Kristi, Heber, girl.

Gildea, Kevin and Julie, Provo, girl.

Gunn, Richard and Linda, Provo, girl.

Harrison, Charles and Jennifer, Provo, girl.

Hill, Daniel and Mirym, Orem, girl.

Hobush, Reed and Janae, Orem, girl.

Hoover, Kim and Jean, Midway, girl.

Johnson, Gary and Mazie, Provo, girl.

Jones, Roberto and Ana, Provo, boy.

Juarez, Daniel and Michelle, Provo, girl.

Lender, David and Sharon, Orem, Twin girls.

Lent, Kelly and Christin, Alpine, girl.

Lowe, Garrett and Beth, Provo, boy.

Lyons, Thomas and Cynthia, Provo, boy.

Mauss, John and Cheri, Springville, girl.

McDaniel, Lance and Jolene, American Fork, girl.

Moffat, Gregory and Cheryl, Provo, boy.

Mortensen, Mark and Sherilyn, Lehi, girl.

Mower, Robert and Carol, Orem, boy.

Oliver, John and Kyung, Provo, boy.

Povar, Daren and Pamela, Salt Lake City, girl.

Robinson, Christopher and Sue, Orem, girl.

Rogers, Leon and Christine, Provo, boy.

Roundy, Kelly and Denise, Provo, twin boys.

Selk, Kerry and Stacy, Provo, boy.

Shaw, Andrew and Melissa, Provo, girl.

Smith, Glenn and Colleen, Provo, girl.

Stone, Jeffery and Elissa, Provo, boy.

Toone, Quentin and Inga, Price, boy.

Wade, Brent and Heidi, American Fork, boy.

Walker, Troy and Dawn, Provo, girl.

Wallock, Roger and Raelyn, Provo, girl.

Williams, Dale and Danielle, Provo, boy.

Williams, Monte and Jill, Provo, girl.

Wright, Cheryl, American Fork, girl.

American Fork Hospital

Bishop, Terry and Susan, American Fork, boy.

Brown, Alan and Hillary, American Fork, boy.

Carson, Todd and Melissa, Lindon, girl.

Coates, Michale and Julie, Highland, girl.

Crafts, Ronal and Mary, Provo, girl.

Dixon, Harold and Pamela, Pleasant Grove, girl.

Graham, Raymond and Marine, Lehi, boy.

Graham, Ronald and Margaret, Orem, boy.

Hock, Bruce and Tamara, Pleasant Grove, boy.

Holman, Barry and Maureen, Pleasant Grove, boy.

Hoopes, Curtis and Camille, Provo, boy.

James, Kyle and Lorraine, Orem, boy.

Jepperson, Jeffery and Jolene, Pleasant Grove, girl.

Jespersen, Brett and Suzanne, Pleasant Grove, girl.

Johnson, Autin and Teresa, Orem, girl.

Kaplan, Brian and Janet, American Fork, girl.

Kinkade, Kristopher and Janet, Murray, girl.

Kitchen, Kevin and Nelly, American Fork, boy.

Manning, David and Alleen, Orem, boy.

Matthews, Boyd and Tessa, Pleasant Grove, boy.

Morgan, Jeffrey and Jeraleich, Pleasant Grove, girl.

Nielsen, Bruce and Sonja, Lehi, girl.

Rasmussen, Douglas and Janae, American Fork, boy.

Shannon, Walter and Sandra, American Fork, girl.

St. Clair, John and Sherilyn, American Fork, boy.

Stevens, Edward and Anne, Lindon, girl.

Swenson, Steven and Connie, Orem, boy.

Thomas, Mark and Kellie, Lehi, boy.

Wanlass, Donavan and Shalauna, American Fork, boy.

Watkins, Mark and Peggy, American Fork, girl.

Williams, Ron and Virginia, American Fork, boy.

Mountain View Hospital

Ballard, Brett and Christine, Payson, girl.

Brimhall, Mark and Debbie, Livermore, Calif., girl.

Brookston, Douglas and Cynthia, Provo, girl.

Cavanaugh, Blake and Valerie, Provo, boy.

Dotson, Brian and Paulynn, Provo, boy.

Ellison, Mark and Lauren, Springville, boy.

Gardner, Earle and Valerie, Springville, girl.

Hansen, Alan and Mary, Spanish Fork, boy.

Herrera, Juan and Yecenia, Orem, boy.

Hutchings, Dale and Tina, Spanish Fork, boy.

Judkins, Gary and Vicki, Delta, girl.

Kaighn, Dan and Kelli, Provo, boy.

Katanuma, Jun and Miyuki, Provo, boy.

Lamb, Cory and Tracy, Spanish Fork, boy.

Ludlow, James and Tracy, Spanish Fork, boy.

Pace, Monte and Lesa, Payson, boy.

Peck, Martin and Janice, Payson, boy.